About BEST

International organization BEST

BEST, Board of European Students of Technology is developing, non-profit, non-political organization. Since 1989 we support students from all around Europe in their communication, cooperation and exchange.

The goal of BEST is to help students in understanding different cultures, prepare them to work in international environments and support their learning in technical, communication and presentation skills. The main activities of BEST involve organization of extra-educational programs, such as:

  • BEST courses: students of CTU with the help of BEST Prague can travel for 1–2 weeks for technical courses to some European university for small amount of money. More info about courses here.
  • Engineering competitions: A possibility to apply theoretical knowledge in solving real technical challenges in te­ams. More about our competitions here.

Local group BEST Prague

Local group BEST Prague has been founded in 2009 by students at CTU. To all students of CTU that like to travel, getting to know other cultures and learn by new interesting ways, we provide the possibility to participate in BEST courses, engineering competitions, symposium of education and other BEST activities.

BEST Prague works with the help of volunteer help of highly motivated, active students with the interest of self-realization in multicultural environment. The members of BEST Prague organize international educational events on the ground of CTU with the help of the university, industry and other partner organizations, which allow them to gather precious practical skills that they can use in their future career. The next advantage of membership in BEST Prague is the possibility to participate in internal events such as cultural exchanges, motivation weekends and soft-skills training.

If you want to know more about how it works in BEST Prague and the advantages of membership, check this page.

Cooperation with the Student Union CTU

BEST Prague is a club in the Student Union CTU.

Student Union CTU is student organization with wide variety of clubs and activities. It is also an independent organization with its own administration, structure, rules and mission. There are 23 clubs under Student Union – dormitories, hobbies and external.

Members of BEST Prague are actively involved in the working of SU CTU, they participate in meetings and they support the cooperation between clubs of SU. All the clubs help each other in promotion of their events.

Join us!

If you like to travel, participate in organization of different events for students of CTU (for example engineering competitions) or foreign students (for example BEST Courses), develop your soft-skills or improve your English, don’t hesitate and contact us at hr@bestprague.cz Also, don’t forget to read more here!