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Application DL for autumn courses:

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What’s it about?15637465248_b14311211f_o

Students of CTU in Prague have the opportunity to apply for foreign courses organized by organization BEST. The length of each course is usually 7 to 14 days. The price is 30 € at most (includes accommodation and food). The courses consist of lectures with university professors or experts on given topic, making case studies, company visits and more. The focus of the topics of BEST courses is wide, you can find courses from several technological fields or even management, and they often do not require any previous knowledge of the given topic. All courses are in English.

BEST Seasons – when can you apply?

BEST courses are organized in 4 seasons. You can apply for them during these periods:

  • Winter – september/october
  • Spring – november
  • Summer – february/march
  • Autumn – april/may

Specific dates for current season are always on our FB page and BEST website.

During one season you can apply up to 3 courses. During your studies at CTU you can participate on 3 BEST courses at most.

Do you want to apply and you don’t know how?

4 easy steps are enough!

Why should you go?

You will gain new knowledge from the field you pick, perfect your English, get to know studying in foreign country and have a lot of fun with new foreign friends.

You will also get a certificate that can help you get your future job.

Don’t forget to read experiences from people who have participated on a BEST course.

I have a question!

You are not the first one! For you, we have this list of frequently asked questions. Hopefully it’ll help, but you can always address other questions on us, read below.

Do you want to know more?

If you’re interested in courses, write our Vivaldi responsible. And you can always address us with other questions on