In BEST Prague we are all equal. It doesn’t matter from which faculty someone is, how old is he/she or which nationality. Everyone who’s eager to do something and is not afraid of challenges can join us. Everyone can find tasks which will suit him/her and doesn’t matter if the person has experience in that field or just wants to try something new. BEST is internally divided by several criteria; according to accomplishments and the length of membership, members aquire different ranks. Other criterion divides members to several working groups, we have these 3:

  • HR (Human resources), which takes care of both new and old members. The purpose of this group is to recruit members, keep their motivation high, prepare all kinds of activities for them and also make sure they are developping themselves and acquiring new skills.

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  • Second group is PR group (Public Relations). Simply said, its purpose is for us to be visible. The members of PR communicate with our university, with media and of course with students. They are always trying to be creative and find out new ways to promote BEST.

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  • Third one is CR (Corporate Relations), which communicates with companies and gains financial and material support for our organization. They ask for grants, look for partners for our competitions and fundraise all kinds of things we need.

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Although, this division doesn’t mean that a member of one group can’t do tasks from other groups, on the contrary, this kind of flexibility is always welcome. For bigger projects we always set up special core team that divides different main responsibilities between themselves and it doesn’t matter who’s from which working group.

The advantages of membership

BEST is an international student non-profit organization, so unfortunately you can’t gain any money from it, but there are many other advantages.

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  • You will get to know a lot of new people, either from your own faculty or other faculties, you can get to know the administration of the university and be involved in what happens at your school and say something about problems that trouble you.
  • You will become a member of an international team, where you can significantly improve your English and get to know people from all around Europe, which you can visit any time and you won’t ever need to walk in foreign streets with a map and ask for nice places to eat.
  • You have a great opportunity for self-fullfillment and trying something new.

In BEST Prague, you can try tasks from different groups, find out what you would enjoy doing and decide what you want to do in the future. You can also start up your own project. The difference is that noone will kick you out if you don’t succeed, you will only learn from your mistakes and you will be better in the future. You can also give up the local level of our organization and be involved in the international BEST. There are simply no boundaries, both between countries and people.

If you’re interested in the work we do, don’t hesitate and contact us on!