UnIT – Team Coding Competition


UnIT is a team coding competition with accompanying program aiming to bring together IT students and corporate partners directly at CTU.

UnIT competition is a new concept that follows the tried and tested principle of technical competition EBEC which has been organized by our organization for the fourth year in a row. The name of the competition „UnIT” reflects the idea of joining the pair of basic elements – „University” and „IT”.

The main idea of the project itself is to allow students to try out their academical knowledge by solving a practical problem, as this is usually not a part of the standard lessons. By this, we support not only the competitiveness and creativity of students, but also their contacts with potential employers – our corporate partners.

First year of this competition took place 21th April 2015 in National Library of Technology with support from Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Apart from the competition itself, there has been an extensive accompanying program: presentations of the partners, workshops and a tournament in a PC game Fighting Pillows with a barrel of beer as the main prize.

More information on the website http://unit.bestprague.cz