How was it on the course in Liège

I applied on the course because my friends recommended it to me, they told me that it was an unbelievable experience and that I have never experienced something similar. Well according to that I already experienced a lot in my life and I really wondered what it could be. Choosing a course that suited for me wasn’t hard job. There were over 60 courses all around Europe, but unfortunately, or luckily, only one fitted to my time possibilities. The biggest challenge was to write a motivation letter. I was honest, I wrote about my enthusiasm and don’t worry the inspiration came. It is good to be original, because the participants are chosen by students, who are really cool people.

Communication with the LBG (Local Best Group) was without any problem. They sent us all of the important information and if I had doubts or wasn’t sure, I wrote them and they answered immediately, even during summer holiday. The course started with get to know games. Of course after first home-calling session. I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical at the beginning.  So many different kinds of people from different countries can’t work together. I have never been so wrong. We worked together as one team and we became really good friends.

During the day there were many options what to do. First possibility was the presentations about different aspects of water energy on the university with teachers, who spoke really great English. We also went on excursion to a water power plant. On weekend we had a trip to Bruges and Brussels. So the schedule was really full and exhausting.

If the days were great, I don’t know how to describe the nights. The basic rule “work hard party harder” was followed by everyone. Every night was a different theme party, which connected us pretty tight together. A lot of stories from those great parties will be remembered a long time. Actually only the stories that we knew the following morning.

So it was my ten days of my first summer course from BEST, which was also my first experience with BEST in general. After the course I decided to join our Local BEST group in Awesome Prague, because I wanted to be part of this awesome organization which became close to me as my second family. I am really glad that I took this opportunity, because it opened new doors to the Europe and gave new energy in my student life.